The station is run by

The Leatherback Trust

A generation of field biologists, from a high-school to doctoral level, have been educated in field biology at the Goldring-Gund Marine Biology Station. Zoologists, botanists, geologists, and more are often found under this one roof, creating a diverse and prolific academic environment that has provided inspiration for numerous scientific publications (click here for a full list).

Located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, research has been actively conducted at the station since 2004. Our research primarily focuses on the nesting sea turtles within Las Baulas National Marine Park. This park hosts the greatest density of nesting leatherback turtles in the eastern Pacific, yet this population is in rapid decline. Through a combination of education, outreach, and research, we are now striving to conserve the leatherback turtle before it is driven to extinction.

The station is run by The Leatherback Trust in collaboration with Purdue University and Drexel University.